Saturday, February 22, 2014

I found more ways to make $

I am still researching ways to make money on the web. The links below are just a few sites that I have found. If you like playing games, clicking on ads and getting paid is kind of like playing games. I don't know about you, but I never have made a penny playing games on line. Of course, I don't play any games that require my hard earned money. Like casinos, etc... Unless playing is totally free. I can lose fake money playing blackjack just as easily as I can lose real money, so why take the risk.
Anyway, back to the links below, I happened upon one of them, joined, learned my way around, then started viewing ads. I learn by trial and error, that most of them require you to wait a few seconds, watch the bar at the top, most of them will ask you to make a choice like select the upside down picture etc..  Most of the ads that you view will be more pay per click ads. After you click on the upside down picture, then join the pay per click ad if you want to. The more you join, the more opportunities you will find. Clicking on the ads only takes a few minutes. Each web site offers a limited number of ads, that is why I have joined several of them.
Most of the sites offer numerous ways to make money. Some offer listening to the radio, watching tv, clicking on a picture grid for a chance to win a prize, and more.
Again, I do not pay money to upgrade or play, not yet anyway......
As I discover them, I am sharing them.... Check these out; \cell \lastrow\row}">

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