Monday, February 3, 2014

Fired? Make money from Home

Welcome to my very first blog!
I found myself jobless this past December and my husband had just taken early retirement so you can imagine the financial stress that we were under.
I started researching every possible way to make money online so I could also be "retired", even though I am not enough yet. :-)
I have been researching ways to make money online, get freebies, enter free contests, etc. I plan to share all the best ideas that I have found so far.
Here is a list of sites that I have signed up with so far along with my advice.
Feel free to check them out, they are free. I don't believe in spending money to make money.

  • Triple Clicks     This is an internet site that you can join for free and start your own home business. It has penny auctions and opportunities to buy discounted products, you can also start earning points just by reading through the information tabs. I became a bronze leader in 4 days from reading through all the information. They also offer an abundance of free marketing tools.

  • Freeflys   Here you can get free samples and coupons. Just go sign up and they will send you an email every time there is a new sample or you can go to the website and browse. I have already started getting free samples, it does take a while for you to receive your first shipment, which is free so be sure and request stuff daily to keep them coming in.

More to come, keep checking back. 

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